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The Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra (APO) is ultimately about two things: 1) presenting wonderful music interestingly, often partnering with other Arkansas arts groups, and 2) cultivating local young musical talent. Frankly, if we do either one right, we're halfway to accomplishing the other. All the recordings here support those goals.


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Sound Bites From APO
The Official Podcast of the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra.
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Seven Last Words: Joel Thompson's Seven Last Words of the Unarmed
Seven Last Words: Joel Thompson's Seven Last Words of the Unarmed takes the last words of unarmed Black Men (Kenneth Chamberlain, Trayvon Mart...
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Ineffable Grief: Exploring Berio's "O King" and Messien's "Quartet for the End of Time"
Ineffable Grief: How many times have we witnessed or personally experienced an event too great for words, when we can neither muster the words nor ...
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What is the role of the conductor?: With Dwight-Pile Gray, UK-Based Conductor
What is the role of the conductor?: I interview UK-based conductor Dwight-Pile Gray this week as we cover a range of topics such as the history of ...
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Who was Louis Ballard?: With Pianist Nathan Carterette
Who was Louis Ballard?: Pianist Nathan Carterette joins me in speaking about the legacy of Native American composer Louis Ballard, known as the "fa...
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Tchaikovsky's Ballet Music: With Violist, Wei Wei Tan
Tchaikovsky's Ballet Music: This week we speak with London-based violist, Wei Wei Tan, who has performed the music to every major ballet in the Cla...
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The Lark Ascending | Discussion and Performance Podcast
Join Maestro Steven Byess, Choreographer, David Justin, Soloist, Er-Gene Kahng, and Principal Dancer, Carmen Felder in a discussion about APO and N...
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The Lark Ascending By Ralph Vaughan Williams, Orchestra With Ballet
Performance: Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra and Northwest Arkansas Ballet Theatre The Lark Ascending By Ralph Vaughan Williams Violin So...
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