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Evening With the Maestro featuring Chef Steven D. Brooks

February 10th, 2024


Our recent "Evening with the Maestro" event was an enchanting symphony of music and cuisine. Led by the incomparable Steven Byess, each wine pairing danced effortlessly with the culinary creations of Chef Steven D. Brooks, tantalizing the senses and creating a symphony of flavors.

Here's a glimpse into the magical evening:


Five-Course Dinner by Chef Steven D. Brooks: Chef Brooks outdid himself with a culinary masterpiece that delighted the palate at every turn. From the savory Garlic Herb Butter Seared Scallops to the decadent Chocolate Tort with Candied Granola and Cinnamon Crème, each dish was a work of art, beautifully plated and expertly crafted.

Wine Pairings by Steven Byess: From the first sip to the last, Steven Byess guided us through a journey of exquisite wines, each one perfectly matched with the flavors of the evening. 

Stunning Auction Items: The excitement reached a fever pitch with our auction featuring exclusive experiences, including a VIP eclipse viewing event in April. 


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