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APO Small Bites featuring Fayette Junction Bassoons

The rustic interior of Ozark Beer Company in Rogers lent an unexpected charm to APO Small Bites featuring Fayette Junction Bassoons


APO Bassoonist, Richard Bobo delighted us with an introduction to the versatile Bassoon as we learned about the delectable arrangement of cheese and beers provided by Sweet Freedom Cheese and Ozark Beer Company




Dos Sardanas Catalanas   -   Eduard Toldrá (1895–1962)
I. Camperola arr. Isabel Jeremías
II. Puig Neulos


Dos Bailes Costarricenses   -   Ulpiano Duarte (1929–2015)
I. Flor de Receda (Vals) arr. Geraldo Duarte
II. Piangüita (Danzón)


Malevos   -   Noelia Escalzo (b. 1979)



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